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Concept Art
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Massively Writes "Frontier 1859 One of Four Sandboxes We Need Right Now."


Jef Reahard, a writer for Massively kindly mentioned Frontier 1859 on his "Four Sandboxes We Need Right Now"!   In the article he writes:  "Here's one that I've been keeping an eye on for years. With the MMO industry exploding like it has, and dozens of games coming out every month, it's a complete mystery to me why no one has bothered to make a title set in the old west of 19th century America. Frontier 1859 is probably a pipe dream at this point, but boy what a sweet dream it is. The title's website mentions a family heir system, tunnel mining and river panning, player-crafted goods and services, and a skill system. There's also some verbiage about building and running frontier tribes and towns, plus player-created factions with "values, rewards, punishments, and missions."

Read Jeff's Column on Massively
Explore - Own - Build - Survive


"Carve out a new life along the Frontier Wilderness"

Frontier 1859 is an adventurous sandbox MMO proposal which allows players to role play as an Immigrant or Tribal Native along the North American Wilderness. Players would choose talents, skills, and abilities to shape the kind of person they want to become in the game, with a Reputation System designed to track their progress. Work together (or not) to build and expand diverse cultural camps into frontier towns and tribal communities. Establish unique collective values, rewards, and punishments for each Tribe, Outlaw Gang, Secret Society, Union, Militia, and / or Government Agency while facing the challenges of frontier life.  Learn simulated survival skills, services and trades, carve out a homestead, raise a family, go it alone, or climb a social ladder and engage in entrepreneurial, political, antagonistic, or military ventures.


Target Platform: PC, (would like to see it on Console)
Genre: Social Role Playing Game & Sandbox (MMO)

Mode: 1st & 3rd Person 4x Real-Time 3D
What's it like: Imagine a virtual north american wilderness playground.

Audience: General Audience & Mature Restricted Zones
Service Area: North America, UK, Asia
Revenue Model: Free Trial, Retail Starter Packs, Retail Construction Kits (assembly required), Retail Virtual Land Titles
Developer: TBA
Publisher: TBA
Beta: TBA
: Entrepreneur seeks Funding Partner

2002, 2010